The cross is probably one of the oldest universal symbols. Crosses have been discovered in Stone Age caves, found carved on the back of ancient Celtic coins and been unearthed in the Central Asian steppes. The Ank cross was employed in Egyptian hieroglyphics and the Indians of the New World etched cross symbols into rock faces and used them in their designs for rugs, jewelry and pottery.
  The cross was not recognized as a Christian symbol until the reign of the Roman Emperor, Constantine in 325 AD. In all its permutations, the cross remains to this day a potent symbol of man's yearning for meaning in the vastness of the universe.
Byron and Deanne McKeown have spent the many years of their lives together as artists exploring possibilities.

The cross collection that appears on these pages has been created through their love of travel and research. The history of each cross has been carefully researched and the actual piece created by hand, then cast in silver, bronze or gold. They are designed to be worn as pendants or earrings, or can be combined as necklace or bracelet collections.

The McKeowns have lived in Sedona, Arizona for more than forty years and have owned three galleries featuring their own work in various media.

"The cross collection is ever growing and expanding as we continue to travel and explore the many facets of this fascinating cultural icon. As an art form, the cross invites myriad possibilities: as a symbol, it evokes the contemplation of universal though and ethnic diversity.
The search goes on..."
About the McKeowns
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The McKeown Cross Collection
This website is under construction - not all cross designs are available to purchase online. If you would like to order a cross that is not yet updated, please contact me at the email listed above and I will provide cost, availability and any other information you may require.