The rose, the embodiment of beauty, mystery, and perfection in Roman times, became a favored Christian symbol. The word rosary, is derived from rosarium, meaning rose garden. There are many types of rosaries or prayer beads in use throughout the world, each with their own symbology and pattern of use. These Roman Catholic rosaries are made up of a chaplet of "Ave" beads divided into decades by a larger "Paternoster" beads.
    A small sample of rosary designs are pictured  below. However, any of the crosses in the McKeown collection can be selected as the central motif for a unique rosary designed specifically for you or for a special gift. Beads available are turquoise, amethyst, wood, crystal, garnet, amber, onyx, etc. Please contact Deanne to discuss a custom order.
   The Tlaquepaque Cross was orig-inally carved in native stone by craftsmen at Tlaquepaque, Mexico, a tiny village situated near Guadalajara. The cross was brought to Sedona by Abe Miller, the founder of Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village. The stone cross can be found in the plaza facing Tlaque-paque's Chapel.
   This rosary is created with a ster-ling silver cross and decade beads and the ave beads are 6mm turquoise.
   Milagros are small metal religious charms found in many areas of Latin America, especially Mexico and Peru. The word milagro means miracle. These small charms, often depicting arms, lets, praying people, farm animals, etc., are typically nailed or pinned to crosses or wooden statues of various saints or Christ and the Virgin Mary. They are also carried for protection, healing and good luck.
   In Mexico, the use of milagros is connected with a tradition known as manda. When a person asks a favor of a saint, in order to repay the saint after the favor has been granted, one must make a pilgrimage to the shrine of that saint and leave a milagros with a small written prayer attached.
  The original rosary was created with native seed beads with a bronze crucifix. This reproduction consists of wood beads, coral decade beads and a sterling silver and bronze crucifix. The crucifix is described at right.
Bolivian  Rosary
Spanish Colonial       $235.
Mexico/American Southwest      $165.
Tlaquepaque   Rosary
Milagros Wall Rosary
Mexico       $295.
Milagros Cross    dm200802
Mexico   4.5" x 3"      $100.
Spanish Colonial  3.25" x 2.25"     $115.
Antique Bolivian  Cross
This cross is a reproduction of an 18th century piece from Bolivia. Missionaries who came to the New World brought with them crosses which were eventually copied and recast by native craftsmen, a process which softened the original design. Occasionally, further design elements were added from local iconography.
Spain    3.75" x 2.25"      $200.
San Juan de Pena Cross      by135
The monastery of San Juan de la Pena is built into a cliff face high in the hills above the village of the same name in Northern Spain. The first church of this monastery, which dates from the 10th century, is a rock hewn crypt which is believed to have been the early guardian of the Holy Grail. This Byzantine-style cross was found in the village. 
   This rosary is created using carved wood or native seed beads; the decade beads are turquoise. The bronze cross is described below.
   This is a large rosary intended for display as a wall piece.
   The Oak Creek Cross is a complex motif, comprised of overlapping oak leaves. It is inspired by the hardy oak trees that lend their name to Oak Creek at Sedona, Arizona and to the magnificent red rock canyon this stream has carved out over many millennia.
American Southwest   3" x 2"   $110.
Oak Creek Cross     
   This rosary is created with 6mm amethyst beads, sterling silver filigree decade beads and the Celtic Dragon, or Lismore Cross.
    This is one example of the many styles of rosaries that can be designed utilizing crosses from the McKeown Collection.
Ireland     $165.
Celtic Rosary    
Roseries and Large Crosses
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Our Lady of Guadalupe Rosary    
Mexico     $165.
   This rosary is created with 6mm turquoise beads, sterling silver  decade beads, a silver Sacred Heart center and the Our Lady of Guadalupe cross design by Deanne McKeown
    This is one example of the many styles of rosaries that can be designed utilizing crosses from the McKeown Collection.
Pardon Crucifix Rosary    
Traditional     $165.
   This rosary is created with 6mm rectangular amber beads, carved ivory decade beads, a silver Peace Dove center and a silver traditional indulgence Pardon Cross.
    This is one example of the many styles of rosaries that can be designed utilizing crosses from the McKeown Collection.